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Your child's story.
Narrated by you.

Daily letters

Quickly capture daily memories

Snap a photo, record a message, and you're done! From the first smile to the first steps, every milestone can be captured in less than a minute.

Daily memories

More than words...

Dear Little One makes it easy to record messages alongside all your photos so you can capture every little detail.

Timeline of memories

Relive every milestone

We'll keep a timeline of every memory you've captured so you can easily relive and remember every special moment.

Share the greatest story of all time

When the time comes, invite your child to the app and they'll be able to relive all your heartfelt messages and cherished moments.

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We’re not like other baby books...

Record video messages to capture all the details behind your child's milestones and memories. When your child grows up, they'll relive the story of their lives.


As your child grows, we'll recommend new milestones and memories so you never miss an important memory.

Milestone Tags

Tag memories with a custom badges (firsts, birthdays, milestones) and we'll automatically organize the story of your child's life.

Family Sharing

Coming soon! Get the whole family involved by adding grandparents, friends, and others to contribute to your child's book of memories!

Physical Prints

Coming soon! Hands-down the easiest way to make photo books of your little one's milestones and memories, straight from your phone.

DearLO Reviews

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“Lookback is the memory app we've been waiting for. Creating, sharing, and reliving memories are what they should be - easy and fun. “

- Gary Vaynerchuk

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"Wow. What a cool app! I love reliving all the memories from my kids and grandkids!"

- Gary

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"We just had our first child and I'm so glad I found Lookback! It's so much better than just sharing photos with my family. I can't wait to look back on all these memories in the years to come!"

- Allison

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"The best way I've ever seen to keep in touch with your loved ones and relive all the great memories. you've shared. Addicting and very fun too!"

- Brent

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"I feel so much more connected to my kids and grandkids with Lookback! A must have for anyone who wants to stay connected to their loved ones in a more meaningful way than traditional social media."

- Nancy

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"I can't find the words to say it but this app is AMAZING. I have so many photos of my kids and grandkids and always wished I remembered all the little details from the moments we shared together. With Lookback, I can finally do that!"

- Susan

mom with 2 daughters

“Dear Little One is game changing for new parents - I've never seen anything like it. “

- Gary Vaynerchuk

"Wow. What a cool app! I can't wait for my grandchildren to relive all these memories!!"

- Gary

"We just had our first child and I'm so glad I found DearLO! It's so much better than a typical baby book. I can't wait to share these with Edie when she grows up!"

- Allison

"The best way I've ever seen to document the story of your child's life. Addicting and very fun too!"

- Brent

"I feel so much more connected to my kids and grandkids with DearLO! A must have for anyone who wants to stay connected to their grandchildren forever."

- Nancy

"This app is AMAZING. I have so many photos of my grandkids and always wished there was a better way to share all my favorite memories with them!"

- Susan

Start telling your little one's story today

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How is DearLO different from other baby book apps?

Most parents record their little one's milestones and memories in preprinted baby books, scrapbooks, and digital photo albums to be passed along to posterity. But creating a baby book is hard work - the pages you swore you’d fill out stare blankly back at you, reminding you of the beautiful moments forever lost in the fog of newborn life.

With DearLO, busy parents can easily document their child's milestones and moments in just 5 minutes per week. Plus, DearLO makes it even easier to record video messages alongside your photos so you can share and relive every little detail years down the road.

How does DearLO keep my memories safe, secure, and private?

We created DearLO so that your family has a safe place to share, preserve, and relive the most important moments of your child's life.

We do not and we will not sell your data. We require users to create a DearLO account so that you and only you can access your memories. And unlike traditional social media apps, you get to choose who can contribute to your child's memories - only the people you invite will be able to view, reply to, or comment on memories.
Who can see my child's memories?
You can add 1 additional admin to your DearLO account (typically your spouse) who can view and share all memories shared with your child. You can also add family members as non-admins - they'll be able to share memories with your child's account but will not be able to see any other memories on your child's account.
Lookback - Share memories by attaching video messages to your photos | Product Hunt